She is only 27 years old, she is a famous and sought-after model

At 27, she managed to make an impact on the world with her incredible beauty.
The modeling world is generally very demanding and with high standards to be met. But she must remember that beauty is subjective and comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. Fortunately, the industry has become more flexible, accepting all kinds of people into its ranks. Thanks to this, more and more girls and boys aspire to become recognized models and show the world the diversity of beauty. Nyadak ‘Duckie’ Thot is one of them, who with his skin color and the symmetry of his features stole the hearts of many. She is even compared to a Barbie doll for the degree of perfection she achieves.

Nikki worked as a model and began to take Nyadak to photo shoots, since then the girl wanted to be her like her sister. At 15, Duckie was already working as a model. In 2013, she participated in the Australian show Next Top Model where she came in third place.
So she moved to New York to pursue her dreams. Her first job was with Pat McGrath, a well-known makeup artist, and her career has grown steadily ever since.

But that all changed in 2017, when the 20-year-old took part in a photoshoot titled ‘Duckie After Dark’. These images turned her career upside down when people started pointing out that she looked like a doll. Her neat slits along with her flawless skin and of course her complexion made her stand out in the industry. In fact, a peculiarity of Duckie is that the color of his skin changes drastically depending on the lighting of the place. Sometimes it is lighter and other times darker; but she is still fabulous.

She has done campaigns for Moschino, Oscar de la Renta and Fenty Beauty as well as the Fenty and Puma collaboration. Remember that Rihanna’s brand is applauded for the large number of makeup shades it offers, for all skin types. In 2018, Duckie debuted at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and she has also been featured in renowned magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

This young lady already has a strong modeling career but she can definitely get more out of it as her beauty is unmatched.

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