A girl performs a very difficult song during a rocking talent show

This is the case of the nice girl that we will see next. Meet Céline Tam, she is only 9 years old and she had the courage to stand in front of the public to perform one of the most difficult, well-known and beloved songs of all time. She announces to us that she will sing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.

That his name is the same as that of his musical idol is no coincidence. Celine is named after her parents’ favorite singer: the great and incomparable Canadian Celine Dion. They are fans 100% committed to honoring the diva because they didn’t stop there. It turns out that Celine’s younger sister is surprisingly called “Dion”. Céline and Dion, sisters with very special names. And if one thing is certain, it worked very well for his parents. At least in the case of her eldest daughter who seems to have inherited the same star as her model Celine Dion.

The little girl tells her story and identifies herself as the number one fan of the successful singer with precious candor and sweetness. What Celine didn’t tell them was that her passion for her singing led her to sweep local and school competitions in her native Hong Kong. The juries are of course very interested in what the little girl has to say is that when such a pretty girl takes the stage it is very hard to ignore.

The juries are of course very interested in what the little girl has to say is that when such a cute girl takes the stage, she is very hard to ignore. In the end, an impatient Simon gets very tired of the repetitive theme with the singer and asks little Céline to continue her presentation. At this point, unless you have a heart of stone like Simon Cowell, the little girl has already won your heart and all the applause you could get her. Everyone can’t wait to let her live her big moment in front of the judges. Then this 9-year-old little girl with her incredibly adorable smile starts doing one of the best versions of the immortal Titanic song you can imagine. The best part about her is the knowing and loving look she gives her parents just before hitting the high notes. You have to see her, she is magnificent and her talent is incredible.


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