This woman thought she was too old to sing. However, when she took the stage, the jury understood that she had a bright future

Many of the music world’s most famous stars begin their careers in their late teens or early twenties. But that does not prevent some artists from starting much later, however it is true that the vast majority generally discover themselves younger. For this reason, many aspiring singers and musicians believe that their door closes when they reach a certain age. Can you spot someone with musical talent when they’re over 25?

Rachel Potter is a 29-year-old waitress from Nashville, USA who has always dreamed of becoming a country singer. Although she belongs to the “over 25 club”, she thinks she has what it takes to break into the music industry. When the young woman is in front of the judges before starting her performance, they ask her about her origins. After some chatter, it’s time for her to start singing. She tells them she’s going to perform a country version of Queen’s song “Somebody to Love.”

As soon as she opens her mouth, the audience and the judges are blown away by her voice. One of the judges comments on her incredible vocal control. The audience goes wild, and we even see a small smile on Simon Cowell’s face.

As he sings the Queen classic, everyone present enjoys his performance and the audience waves their arms in time to the music. When he finishes his performance, the judges have nothing but good to say to him. Rachel gets four yeses and moves on to the next round of the competition. The video was uploaded by the X Factor USA program and has since been viewed more than 34 million times since 2013.


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