The 12-year-old appeared on stage with her pets and performed this charming and unexpected number.

America’s Got Talent is renowned for its outstanding contestants and varied performances. However, statistics regarding animal participation in the event are not frequently displayed. Animal behavior is unpredictable, so no matter how well you train them beforehand, you can never predict how they will act on stage. Then a 12-year-old girl and her poodles joined the show. The judges were certain the number would not be successful when she took the stage. The poodles, however, behaved extremely well and clearly followed all instructions this time.

They created a really engaging and entertaining program with dance sequences, and they often dressed up the dogs in adorable costumes. The dogs and the girl who managed to prepare such a difficult number captivated the judges. The girl was invited to introduce herself after the performance. Her name is Veronica and she is only twelve years old. She was raised on a large farm owned by her parents, where animals were often present. Vernonica also raises chickens, horses, sheep, ducks and cats in addition to poodles.

About the training, the girl claimed that it takes a lot of time and effort to educate the animals to pay attention and perform specific tasks. Getting the behavior right is the goal of dog training. The cornerstone of effective learning is this. A series of drills designed to prepare particular teams is called training. A puppy should be raised from the moment he enters the house. One of the smartest breeds in the world is the poodle. They have a solid education.

Still, Poodles are lively, intelligent, trainable, and the whole family’s best friend for active owners who can meet their needs. These dogs are incredibly smart and inquisitive, and on walks they get to know various people with interest. Teaching your poodle puppy commands early in the parenting process is crucial. The principles of self-control and discipline are taught to the animal through training. Veronica adores her pets and spends all her free time playing with them after school. Animals respond to his affection and care, making it easy for them to take commands. Their performance won the highest score and the judges were captivated by her optimism and optimism.


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