Everyone was impressed by the way the little ones skated and danced brilliantly. Many were mesmerized by their dancing.

The sport of ice skating, which is also a dance, is undoubtedly the most beautiful. Ice skating is a very unique sport that truly embodies the arts. It incorporates dance, flight, a variety of musical styles, flexible and graceful movements, acrobatics and even a specific scenario. Audiences find the elegance, synchronicity and sporting elements of ice skating very appealing. Skaters seem to live their entire lives on the ice while playing, experiencing love and other emotions.

In theory, ice skating is an intriguing form of artistic expression since it allows directors to express their ideas without using words using the movements of athletes. Ice skating is practiced from an early age and immediately produces excellent effects The breathtaking skating show of Ilya Makarov and Evelina Pokrasnetyeva

The duo of nine-year-old Evelina and twelve-year-old Ilya captivated the audience and wowed the audience. The young artists gave a powerful, obviously rehearsed performance. The music was chosen from the same film as the performance, which was based on a plot by Lalaland. The colorful clothes and honest feelings of the little boys and girls made their performance remarkable. Evelina and Ilya have been skating together for a very long time and are good friends. It is crucial that the partners have a relationship of trust when skating in pairs. The breathtaking ice skating spectacle of Ilya Makarov and Evelina Pokrasnetyeva. Ilya and Evelina have been perfecting every jump and move for this performance for nearly a year. Their effort was successful. They did a fantastic job. The performance was flawless in terms of artistry, technique and plasticity.

The pair received the highest praise from judges and spectators. Ilya Averbukh was the kids’ coach, and he gave them all the encouragement he could from the stage. Ilya and Evelina received a bear hug and congratulations from the coach after completing their act. Each spectator and competitor experiences indescribable and singular feelings and emotions, feelings for the athlete, for his result, for him not to fall and skate cleanly. Arts and sports. This is the pinnacle of ice skating harmony. In recent years, ice skating has grown in popularity. Many TV shows are filmed on ice and more and more ice skating schools are springing up.


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