The couple of seven children run everything. They are happy to have so many children

Spouses The Scotts have a large family. When Jamie became pregnant for the third time, they already had two sons. They really wanted to have a third child. The couple slyly suspected they had twins when they showed up for the exam. Still, Jamie actually had more children than she thought. She felt both delighted and surprised. Jamie ate a lot of food at that time. She consumed a lot of milkshakes for a while.

The woman gained 45 kg because doctors told her to eat about 4,000 calories a day. Jamie had five children when she was 29 weeks pregnant. They only called the children by numbers 1 to 5 until the parents took the names. Currently, parents are mainly focused on feeding their quintuplets. Jamie also has to eat every three hours.

The young grow well and develop as expected. The hardest part is planning walks with five newborns. Because at the huge price, the couple gave up buying a stroller for the quintuplets. As an alternative, they bought two strollers for triplets and twins. The new family member made the eldest sons very happy, and they are not envious at all. Instead, they go out of their way to support their parents. Older children ride scooters or bikes behind them as they go for walks.


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