She cleans the same building for years, then she loses her apartment and her job: the tenants rent another one to her

You can meet wonderful people in life who are desperate to help those in need. Big-hearted people who decide not to remain indifferent to the problems of others and ρrefer to give a helping hand. And that is precisely what happened in the story that we want to tell you. In this case, it is a group of men and women who have decided to do something special for a nice lady. This is Rosa, an aсtive woman who has always done everything to advance in life: she has worked, she has made many saсrifiсes, but, she could not cope with the difficulties of the ρandemia and ρerdu her job. This is where the tenants of the building in which she was cleaning intervened and surprised her in an extraordinary way.

Madame Rosa is a woman who moved to New York at a very young age and immediately began working in the cleaning industry to support herself. After a career of 20 years and after having won the esteem of all the tenants of

building where she worked, she lost her job due to the outbreak of the pandemic and, unable to pay her rent, had to leave her home and move in with her sister.
However, her kindness, strength and kindness are not unheard of all this time, which is why the people she has always worked for decided to give her a wonderful surprise.

Indeed, one day like the others, Rosa is called to the building under the pretext of restoring an apartment, but she did not expect to receive a gift. In a video ρosted by one

creators on Reddit, we see the moment when she, in work clothes, is escorted into the house and where a few colorful notes introduce her story:

“Here is Rosa, she has worked for 20 years in this building and is loved by all,” read the messages. “She’s gone because she lost her job, but it’s time for her to come back, even if she doesn’t know it.”
Once inside the house, as shown in the photos, she is shown all the rooms, the bathroom, the living room and the terrace, then it is revealed to her that this is absolutely not a place she will have to clean, but his new home.

Suddenly, all the tenants had collected the necessary sum to pay the first two years of rent to the lady and thus thank her for all that she had done for them. A demonstration of affection and esteem that moved Rosa and made her burst into tears of joy.

Then, all she had to do was sign the lease and return the tiles to finally move into her little house on the top floor of the building where she had only stayed so long to work.
This is a marvelous gesture, which shows how many extraordinary people there are in the world, ready not to lower their eyes, but able to send the elevator back to the right people. It is these men and women who make the Earth a better place to live.

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