The Filipina made her own prom dress. She created a dream outfit

 Filipina Ciara Gan designed her own prom dress and then, with the help of her mother, brought it to life. The outfit took nearly 12 yards of fabric, and it was decorated with rhinestones and flowers that Ciara painted herself.
The girl chose not ordinary roses, but tiger lilies, which, according to the girl, perfectly reflect her character. During a month of work, Ciara and her mother managed to make a dream dress that transformed her into a real princess!
Philippine sewed and painted the dress she wore to the ball. As Ciara said, she was inspired by her mother. I like to try new things and I thought why not? This is the last event of school life, and I had a month to prepare for graduation.
So I had enough time to focus on making my dress and not worry about school. It took the girl a whole month to turn the idea into a ready-made outfit. Ciara sewed dresses in her spare time – sometimes her mother helped her. Ciara’s dream dress required nearly 12 yards of fabric. But the girl did not limit herself to sewing on her own – she also decided to paint the outfit. Since Ciara didn’t have a model, she had to improvise and fix the dress on an easel.
The girl started with the color white – so that the flowers were best seen on bright fabric. For the design, Ciara chose flowers that reflect her character – tiger lilies. I steered away from standard roses and fancy floral designs – despite their beauty, they don’t reflect my character.
I like the brightness of colors like orange and green – they describe me best. Ciara spent 5 days on drawings – she had to redraw flowers. As a final touch, the girl glued rhinestones on the dress. The time and effort spent was worth the end result! Ciara looked like a real princess at her graduation.
And she could be sure that no one else would come in the same dress. The girl recorded the whole process of creating her prom dress on video.
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