The albino sisters were born 12 years apart and took the fashion world by storm with their unique and unusual looks

You don’t come across these unique people very often, but if they do appear, they attract a lot of attention. The sisters of Kazakhstan are a striking example.

Assel and Kamila Kalaganov were born with a genetic anomaly that completely “bleached” them. According to the Daily Mail, girls are deprived of the pigment responsible for the color of their eyes, skin and hair. Assel has lived under the status of albinos for almost 15 years, but it was with the advent of his sister that their family became popular and aroused the interest of Internet users.

Assel was the first to be born in 2005. For parents and doctors, the little albino was a surprise. She looked neither like her father nor her mother, and the doctors believed that the girl had Russian roots.
At first, Asel went to a school for the disabled, but later she was transferred to a regular class. The girl studied well, but was forced to hide from the sun and wear sunglasses.

Camila was born just two years ago. The older sister has been a model since the age of 10, but popularity came to her precisely with the birth of Camila. Together they look fascinating and attract the attention of others.
The girls have a middle brother who was spared albinism. Parents after the appearance of Camila began to study their pedigree in more detail. It turned out that the mother already had albinos in her family. Nature decided to repeat this experiment.

Asel and Camila are unique and incredibly beautiful girls.

Assel and Kamila adapted to life with a genetic defect such as albinism. On their Instagram page, they show the world not to hide and be afraid of the appearance that sets you apart from the crowd and makes you unique.

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