Granny from Argentina went to school at 99. Young students have a lot to learn from her

Old age is no reason to throw away textbooks. Residing in Argentina, Leonor Cordal has proven that age is not a barrier to learning and went to school at 99!

At the Laprida adult school, she is the oldest student who surprises everyone not only with her years, but also with diligence. During the whole time of her studies, Leonor did not skip any classes – what other younger schoolchildren can boast of such a thing?
Leonor Kordal is a living example of the fact that it is never too late to learn.

After the death of her mother and the family problems that arose, little Leonor had to leave school. There, she only learned to read and write. But now Leonor is 99 and she has decided to sit down at her desk.
Leonor attends adult schools in Laprida, Argentina, according to MSN. Three times a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, she attends classes with other students who have long since left their childhood behind. As soon as she entered, Grandma proved to be a model student – Leonor has not yet missed a single class.

Naturally, many are interested in why Leonor at that age wanted to be a schoolgirl again.
They ask me, “Why are you still going to school? When are you leaving her? But you have to go while you have the chance.

As you age, your memory deteriorates. I remembered the schedule well, but by the time I got to school, I managed to forget everything – even how to read and write. Grandma has decided not to limit herself to school alone and is already thinking about what she will do next.

Despite the difficulties, Leonor relearns to read and write and is also interested in new things for her. She already has Napoleonic plans for the future.

“Now I want to learn how to use a computer for entertainment”

Leonor’s story is an inspiring example for all school children who have already emerged from childhood.

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