When their mother passed away, the children took the most valuable thing from the house, and two animals remained on the street

On the day of the funeral, her entire family gathered at the hostess’s house. After parting, which passed quickly, the children took what they needed from the house and, without looking back, left for the city, where their usual life was waiting for them. Mom’s animals were left in an empty house, none of the relatives needed them.

Irina and I take turns feeding the animals, because we were the ones who were given the keys to the house. The two-story building had been declared unsafe for many years, the residents left, and Galina remained, since she had nowhere to go. We managed to arrange a cat Busya for overexposure, however, only paid. Lime the dog lives alone at the door of his house.

Every trip to Lyme to feed her is stressful for me. I know that she will look at me with sad eyes, in which there will be hope that this time I will stay or take her with me.

The dog is affectionate and kind, full of love and devotion, but forced to guard an empty house.

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