In the cold, she survived alone on the bench: no one was going to pick her up and she had nowhere to go

That evening I ended up in the Safonovsky district of Smolensk. It was nearing midnight, it was dark outside, it was 15 degrees, and I got lost. I either missed the turn, or turned ahead of time, but at some point I realized that I didn’t know where I was and was very nervous.

I braked at the stop, deciding to exhale, turn on the navigator and drive home according to his instructions. The phone reacted poorly to my commands, so I decided to reboot it. At that moment, I looked around and saw that a cat was sitting on the stop bench. In such frosts, cats are rarely seen on the street, animals hide from the cold in basements, under cars. This cat huddled up in the bench instead of looking for shelter from the cold.

I got out of the car. By the time I got to the stop, my hands were very cold. The cat was not afraid of me, allowed itself to be stroked. I brought a carrier from the car, the cat entered it by itself and curled up inside.

Rebooting the phone showed the way and I immediately understood where I was and where to go. All the way the cat was breathing heavily, often sneezing. In the cold, the cat stayed long enough to catch a cold.

While I have a cat, she lives in a separate cage for the period of isolation. For the first few days, she only slept and ate, hardly moved, as if worried that any movement could deprive her of her life in warmth.

The cat still has breathing problems, so a visit to the veterinarian is planned, an examination, tests, and possibly an x-ray. The cat is very thin, so you have to feed it hard.

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