Everyone drove the cat away and only a homeless man warmed and fed her

To survive the cold, the cat found a place for itself in the basement of a high-rise building. An elderly woman living in the house fed her, she also gave the cat a name – Murenka. In December, the management company unexpectedly walled up all the cracks that led to the basement. Murenka was sitting at the entrance waiting for her nurse, but the grandmother stopped going out into the street. After a couple of days, a lot of people gathered at the entrance, and soon grandmother’s things began to be taken out of the apartment. The cat never saw her nurse again.

Murenka went around the house several times in futile attempts to find the entrance to the basement. Having not found a loophole, she went into the entrance to warm herself, but people drove her away.

The cat was very cold, she ran around the neighborhood in the hope of finding shelter. During her search at the store, she saw a man. Running up to the man, the cat began to rub against his legs. The man bent down to pet the animal, and it heard that it was emitting an unpleasant smell. The man smelled of alcohol, but Murenka did not know what it was. The cat wanted to step aside, but the man reached into the bag and took out a piece of sausage, which she could not refuse. The man, who smelled strongly of alcohol, was the only one who decided to help the cat.

Murenka ate quickly, she was very cold and the need to stand still aggravated the situation. Satisfied, the cat began to carefully examine its benefactor. The man was dressed strangely: a sheepskin coat, an oversized hat falling over his eyes, a scarf covering his face to the eyes. Passers-by tried to bypass the man, but in the meantime he picked up Murenka from the ground and hid it under a sheepskin coat. The cat felt warm for the first time in a long time.

She was warm and well, so she stopped paying attention to the unpleasant smell. The cat fell asleep, but through the dream she felt that the man was going somewhere. When Murka woke up, she was in an unfamiliar room, and the man poured her food, bought with the last money.

The house was simple but clean. A man who did not have his own house was allowed to live here for a short time. The man fired up the stove, the cat immediately sat down by the warm rug and enjoyed the warmth with her eyes closed.

The tricolor cat brought good luck to its new owner. A month later, the man managed to find a job, after another three he was able to rent housing for himself and Murka. The cat stayed with the man, she meets him from work, sits on her knees and plays with toys, for which her owner never feels sorry for money.

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