A cat lay near the store and did not move, trying to meow, but it turned out a plaintive wheeze

This cat has never been seen outside the store before. The animal lay near the entrance and practically did not move. The cat tried to meow, but only a faint wheeze came out. Breathing was heavy. The saleswomen went out to see how they could help the animal, but suddenly, a guy appeared next to the cat, who promised to take care of the animal and took it from the street.

The guy with the cat appeared at the clinic only at night, the man insisted that the animal should be euthanized. We couldn’t figure out why he took the cat away from the shop during the day to demand that he be put to sleep a few hours later.

The story is weird from beginning to end. The cat turned out to have an owner who was a friend of this guy. Together they decided that they would take the cat to another clinic. It is not clear why the move was necessary, perhaps people hoped that in another clinic they would agree to euthanize the cat. Doctors refused to give the cat away, saying that it was dangerous to transport him in such a state. By that time, the cat was breathing with difficulty and was not moving. The doctors started the examination.

The x-ray clearly shows a fracture of the pelvis, ribs, air has accumulated between the ribs. The cat was anesthetized, bandaged and placed under oxygen. Doctors were afraid to give forecasts and asked to wait until the morning.In the morning, Snowball felt better, he had a good night’s sleep, but so far it is hard for him to eat on his own. We managed to see the cat, he turned out to be a real handsome man.

The previous owner did not castrate Snezhka. We decided that she sent him on his own, perhaps this was a common practice. Self-walking is dangerous because you never know when the animal will return, and when trouble will happen to it.

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