The lost deer decided that the shepherd dog is his mother and does not move a single step, clinging to her

A deer got lost in a small town in North Carolina. The curious kid came out of the forest, but could not find his way back to his mother.

The deer was very upset and did not know what to do. On the way, he came across a trainee policeman who decided to help him.

German Shepherd Iris is 7 months old and is training for the police. Iris went for a walk with the owner, on the street she noticed a deer, which rushed about not knowing what to do next.

Adrian Florence, Iris’s owner, takes her out every morning on the trail at the Southern Pines. That morning, they finished their walk much earlier, because a small deer followed them.

Perhaps, noticing Iris, the baby decided that she was his mother, so he immediately went after the dog.

The shepherd realized that the deer was frightened and needed help. Iris walked over to the fawn and tried to calm it down.

The kid immediately imbued with confidence in the dog, he was glad that there was someone who would help him. The fawn started snuggling up to Iris, kissing her and nuzzling her. The dog immediately responded to his displays of affection.

Iris stood next to the deer for almost an hour, calming him and protecting him, it helped, the baby remembered how to return home.

Iris turned out to be a born protector, her owner knowingly chose the career of a police dog for her.

The photo shows how the deer rejoices that there is a strong and kind Iris nearby.

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