The guy noticed a kitten in trouble: he did not call for help, but he rushed to save the baby

Residents of the Malaysian city of Sabah saw a guy in a wheelchair move very quickly along the sidewalk along the canal. Between the sidewalk and the ponds there was a strip of lawn with planted bushes.

After the last downpour, there was a lot of water in the canal, it quickly flowed along the channel. The guy stopped abruptly, got out of the carriage and began to move towards the water on his hands. He quickly approached the canal, and onlookers began to gather around, attracted by such an unusual sight.

The guy quickly got to the water. Only when he was at the very canal did people see what had so alarmed the man. A kitten hung on the edge of the slabs. The kid could hardly hold on to the plates with his front paws, every second the kid risked being in the water and being carried away by its stream. The guy could notice the animal when the bridge was crossing, he went to help the kitten without hesitation.

Not all passers-by appreciated the guy’s act. Some wondered why he took such a risk and got wet from the moisture on the grass, for the sake of the animal. Others understood that the man had accomplished a feat, because every life is valuable and animals should not be left to their fate.

The guy pulled the kitten out and put it on the grass away from the water. The kid immediately began to caress the person. It is not known whether the guy took the kitten or there were other people who wanted to give him a house, but I want this baby to find a loving family after his miraculous rescue.

Only one thing in this story is sad – a crowd of passers-by who stopped to watch what was happening and even took the time to film it, but none of these people did anything to help the kitten or the person who came to his rescue. People have decided that they are nothing more than passive observers.

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