The cat is only 5 months old, but no one wants to take him home because of his “older” appearance

Salem’s shelter received a call from a local woman. The woman found a whole brood of kittens, one of the babies was distinguished by a strange appearance. The baby’s code was stretched, hanging from the body in folds. A volunteer named Tara agreed to take care of the unusual kitten. The girl had previously helped animals that required special care.

Tara brought the kitten to the shelter, she immediately realized that in front of her was an animal with hyperelastic skin. This feature is not dangerous, but requires special care. The skin of animals with this feature is very thin and can crack from any careless touch. On the street, without the help of people, it is simply impossible for such animals to survive. Living in a house with owners who will properly take care of it, the animal will get a chance for a long and happy life.

Tara named the baby Teddy, she found out that he was five months old. Teddy immediately showed the girl his kindness, he turned out to be an affectionate and brave animal. The cat endured all the treatments and even purred to show how grateful he was for the care. To strengthen the cat’s skin, Tara treated it daily with special lotions. This treatment significantly reduced the risk of skin damage.

Taking care of the health of the cat, Tara decided to take care of finding a family for him. The kitten, which outwardly looked more like a tired old animal, did not attract many potential owners. Many people looked only at the appearance, they were not interested in the affectionate, playful nature of the baby.

Teddy is still waiting for his owners. The kitten is taken care of by Tara, she agrees to take care of him until the new owners appear, and if this does not happen, the girl will leave the cat to herself and provide him with proper care and a happy life.

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