Look at Flossie, the oldest cat in the world. How old do you think she is?

Tricolor cat Flossy set a record. An entry about her appeared in the Guinness Book of Records.

Flossy’s owners say that she is very affectionate and still loves to play, although she has lost her hearing and sees almost nothing. The cat loves to spend time with the owner, is interested in everything around.

When compared with a person, Flossie has reached the age of 120 years.

The cat spent the first few months of its life on the streets of Maryside. In 1995, he was found by an employee of a local hospital. She spent 10 years with her first owner.

When the man died, his sister took over the care of Flossy. The family loved the cat very much, she lived here for 14 happy years. After the woman left, Flossie ended up in her first home, the son of her first owner took care of her. The man did what he could, but the elderly animal required a lot of attention, and after three years the owner realized that he could not take care of the pet in the way she needed. The elderly cat did not hear anything and saw very poorly.

The owner decided to give the cat to a shelter. Flossie turned out to be a real lucky woman, because she soon moved into the house of Victoria Green, one of the shelter’s employees. Victoria knows how to take care of older cats, so she took care of Flossy.

The shelter workers had no idea that their ward set a record. Only after they checked the documents did it become clear that the cat was already 27 years old. The documents were sent to the Guinness Book of Records and soon Flossy received the title of the oldest cat in the world.

The absolute record belongs to the cat Cream Puff. She lived for 38 years and went to the rainbow in the early 2000s.

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