In the cold, alone, completely blind and deaf, she wandered along the icy road: she had nowhere to go.

The story of Leysan, one of my wards, touches me to tears. I found a dog under my window on a frosty day, then I thought that she was just lost, but as it turned out, no one needed her at all.

A small red dog walked along the icy road with small steps. Noticing her, I decided that the owner was about to come to her. A few hours later, the dog was still wandering under my window. In the evening, I took Leysan to me, since then no one has tried to look for her. At first, I thought that Leysan was with me temporarily, but it turned out that she would stay with me forever.

I immediately washed and combed the girl, she was delighted with these procedures. The baby had long nails, in general, it was clear that no one had looked after her for a long time. The veterinarian said that Leysan did not hear or see anything.

The analyzes were also disappointing: Leysan is old, there are problems with the liver, heart, kidneys. She needs constant treatment, in addition, due to inflammation, all her teeth were immediately removed.

I have been taking care of Leysan for two years now. It is getting weaker, age and numerous illnesses are affecting. The dog cannot stand on its hind legs, I carry it outside in my arms for a walk. Sometimes she does not stand up to a walk, but I will not scold an elderly dog because of such problems.

Leysan increasingly sleeps when he is awake, sits and looks at one point, quietly yapping. She has to feed exclusively soft food and only from her hands, since she herself cannot grab food from a plate.

Someone may say that the dog is too old, not worth so much effort, if it is easier to leave everything as it is and soon it will be gone. But you know, none of us will remain young forever, we will all grow old. I cannot leave Leysan and let her die in agony, I will try to support her to the last and alleviate her suffering.

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