I took a small kitten on the street, and this is what grew out of it a year later

It all happened a couple of years ago. I went to the store, and when I did all the shopping and was going home, I saw a couple of boys on the porch of the store. The children were holding a box in which something moved. I was about to move on. But then the guys called me:

– Aunt, do you need a kitten? Can you take one?

Three cats were waiting for me at home and I didn’t plan to take one more, but I still looked into the box. A gray spot on a black background caught my attention. There were about 7 kittens in the box, all were black and only one gray one was sitting in the very center. A couple of months ago, one of my cats died, it was just such a gray color. I myself did not understand how it happened that the cat was in my hands, and not in a box.

– Well, Styopka, let’s go home? I asked the kitten.

On the way home, I thought all the time why I took the cat, because there are enough living creatures at home. Since I took it, I need to take care of it, especially since it soon turned out that the cat was sick. Outwardly, the disease was not noticeable, but there were problems with the stomach, Styopka could not eat normally, any food made the stool liquid. The veterinarian prescribed special food and a meal schedule. A week of the prescribed diet did not bring results, the kitten’s condition worsened.

I started to cook Styopka oatmeal in water, for the smell I added a little soft cat food. I fed the baby separately and after a week he began to recover. Soon Styopka joined the common table for cats. The baby began to recover and grow.

Styopka looks like a thoroughbred, but I just couldn’t make out the breed. I decided to wait what will grow out of it and a year later I was very surprised at what kind of kitten I pulled out of the box.

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