“He is like a son to me”: a man was given a car and half a million for a cat, but he refused to sell

Leva is a smart and quick-witted cat. The owner pays attention to his upbringing, so the cat responds to all commands.

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Leva was born in Mongolia. The cat had brothers and sisters, but the mother cat’s owner drowned them. Leva was able to survive only thanks to his extraordinary appearance.

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The mother cat realized that if she stayed with her mistress, the only surviving baby would suffer the same fate, so she ran away from home with a kitten in her teeth. For some time the family wandered the streets, and then settled on a military base.

Petr Petrovich worked at this base, he really liked Leva, therefore, returning to his native Kaliningrad after retirement, he took the cat with him. For many years, a man and a cat have always been together.

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Petr Petrovich taught Leva to carry out many commands, the quick wits and upbringing of the cat are admired by others.

The cat has a very unusual collar. Many years ago, Petr Petrovich’s wife asked him to make Leva a collar from her beads. The woman’s wish was fulfilled, Leva became the owner of a very unusual collar.

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Petr Petrovich and his cat immediately became famous in their hometown, and then throughout the country.

The man was asked to sell the cat, offering 500,000 rubles for it, but he refused.

Then the buyer offered not only money, but also a car, but the decision of the pensioner remained the same.

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The man says that he treats Lyova like his child, which means that he is not going to sell him.

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