“Cat grandfather Mazai”: a man saved 36 cats

Pavel lives in the village. Every year, he sees summer residents who have arrived for the summer gather back in the city, leaving to the mercy of fate the cats that they brought in in the summer for fun.

Realizing what awaits the cats on the street in winter, the man decided to help them. In the summer, Pavel began to insulate the barn, and in the fall he walked around the village and gathered all the cats that were starving and freezing on the street.

Those whom the man could not catch soon came to his barn themselves, having learned that they could warm themselves and eat there. 36 cats and cats gathered in the barn.

Almost all of Pavel’s pension is now spent on food, the pensioner himself eats little, but it is not easy for him to feed the cats. For pets to eat well. Pavel began to go fishing and fish for them. Sometimes other villagers help the man and his wards.

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