After losing his best friend, a dog found a kitten on the street and brought it home

The story that happened in Yorkshire, England, is proof that animals are capable of emotions, the power of which is not inferior to the feelings of people. The dog’s four-legged friend named Maggie is gone. Both dogs were together for 13 years, they lived in the same house and were very attached to each other.

After losing a friend, Maggie became depressed.

The dog did not eat, refused water, spent most of the day frozen in one position. The owners were very worried about their pet and tried to figure out how to help her.

The solution to the problem was found by Maggie herself. One day the dog went for a walk and came back with a small kitten. The color of the kitten was very similar to that of her departed friend.

Kitten and Maggie quickly become good friends. They were similar in appearance and in character, they spent all their days in joint games.

The cat was named Minnie. The cat was very bored when the owners took Maggie for a walk, so they soon began to walk together.

Minnie has grown into a beautiful cat, she perceives Maggie as her mother, and the dog’s tail has become her favorite toy.

Minnie loves to ride on her friend’s back. Animals are very attached to each other, they have come up with a lot of joint fun.

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