Zhulya was found in a tied bag in a snowdrift: she could no longer stand on her paws

The fact that Jules managed to save is a miracle. The second gift of fate is that the dog recovered after everything that did not happen to him and now he is healthy and happy. At the very beginning, the doctors were in no hurry to give good predictions, because Zhulya weighed only 4 kg, while at least 11 kg is considered the norm for her height. The dog could not walk from exhaustion, she did not rise to her paws and could hardly hold her head.

Every day of treatment was a struggle for Zhuli. Recovery and rehabilitation required a lot of time, effort and money, with which our subscribers helped a lot. Irina, her curator, was constantly next to the dog. At first, Zhulya needed careful care, like a newborn child.

Zhulya showed that she is a real fighter. She did not complain during the procedures, stoically endured the treatment and never showed that she was having a hard time. Silently and with gratitude in her eyes, she withstood injections and droppers.

Zhulya was supported by many people, they wrote to her from different parts of the country. There was a kind energy around the dog that fed it. When the threat to life had passed, the doctors allowed Zhulya to be taken from the clinic to the hospital.

Irina became very attached to the red dog, she hoped that Zhuli would be able to find a good family. The third miracle also happened – almost immediately a woman was found who wanted to take her away. Soon Zhulya will go to St. Petersburg to the woman Valentina, who is waiting for her very much.

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