“Wealth is not in money, but inside us”: photos of homeless people and their dogs are proof of this

Dogs quickly become attached to people and become their best friends. The devotion of these animals is well known, they share with a person not only joy, but also all his sorrows, they are able to sacrifice themselves for the sake of saving their master.Unfortunately, people do not always respond to dogs in the same way.

There are many examples of true friendship between dogs and humans, but no fewer examples of betrayal. People can be cruel to animals, treat them like toys and throw them out on the street as soon as caring for a dog becomes a burden for them.

These pictures show that people who have almost nothing share these crumbs with dogs, and animals love their owners, despite all the difficulties. The pictures show homeless people who, despite their difficulties, are doing everything possible to make their pets live a little better.

These photos are an example of true friendship. Do not leave your pets, because, as these photos show, they only need our love and they will never leave the person they love with all their heart.

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