There was very little left for the dog, and the mistress took him to the mountains so that he could see the snow for the last time.

Ashley Mack is the mistress of a Malamute, whom she simply adored. The dog lived with Ashley for 9 years, after which her health began to deteriorate. Veterinarians diagnosed arthritis and admitted that they were powerless. The dog was advised to be put down to avoid pain and suffering. The owner decided that she must make the last days of the pet unforgettable.

The Malamute had been ill for more than a year, and the day when he would have to take a lethal injection was getting closer. Ashley wanted to return to the pet, at least for a short time, the feeling of joy and happiness, so she took him to Scotland, to the top of the mountain.

The woman and the dog spent several hours on the mountaintop. Malamute was happy to fall in the snow again and find himself in his usual element. Ashley was next to the dog and was glad that they would spend their last moments together in this way.

The girl published a photo from her last trip with her pet on the social network, writing a post: “I promised her for several months that snow would soon fall. It didn’t snow, but we found it, for the last time she could see what she loves so much.”

The girl also wrote that the loss of a pet is as difficult for her as the loss of a loved one, and many commentators supported her.

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