The hostess was gone, the cat was left alone, no one needed, but soon he smelled a familiar smell

The cat sat by the pond in the park and looked at the water.

Previously, he and the owner, the cat considered her mother, often came to this park for a walk. The cat remembered his comfortable harness and leash, which did not allow him to get lost, remembered how they returned home and settled down on the sofa to rest. “Mom” took up a book or a laptop to work, and the cat settled down next to her and quietly the dog for her.

All this is in the past…

One day, “mother” went somewhere with people dressed very strangely. Before leaving, she asked a neighbor to take care of the cat. The woman came every day, cleaned the tray and filled the cat with food.

“Mom” did not return for many days, the cat missed her very much, no one told him that he would not see his “mother” anymore, because she was gone.

Some people appeared in the apartment, they looked at the animal and discussed something. Then the cat again lived alone for many days, only a neighbor dropped in every day to feed him and clean the tray. Looking at the cat, the woman sighed every time, realizing that the animal was very worried.

A couple of months passed and unknown people appeared on the threshold again. The neighbor told them that she was not ready to take the cat, so people took him and took him to the shelter.

A new family for the cat was found quickly. This came as a surprise to the shelter staff, because the cat did not shine either by breed or appearance, moreover, it was no longer a young animal.

In the new house, the cat had people taking pictures, food, toys and his own bed. But the cat missed his “mother” very much, in the new house everything was not the way he was used to, and changes were difficult for him.

One day the cat jumped off the balcony, the apartment was on the second floor, and ran away.

It took a long time to wander around the city, but he was able to find the familiar park and pond, next to which he and his “mother” walked so often. From here he easily found his way home.

The cat could not get into the entrance, so he settled in the basement of the house. Every day he went to the shore of the pond to indulge in memories of “mother”.

— Nadya, have you noticed that we see this cat every day? He always sits here and is always so sad …

Are you talking about this cat? It seems the most ordinary, I don’t understand how you even paid attention to him? Gray tramp, like aged. Did you find anything more interesting in the park, Christie?

Christie did not listen to her friend, she walked towards the cat, approaching slowly so as not to scare the animal.

Noticing the girl, the cat became alert and tensed, as if he was going to run away, but at the last moment something made him stay in place.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t harm you,” Christina spoke quietly to the cat, holding out her hand to him.

The cat sniffed the girl’s fingers. They smelled pleasant and surprisingly familiar. Closing his eyes, he immersed himself in the smell and recognized in it the notes that “mother” smelled like.

“I would like to pick you up,” Christina said to the cat. – You may not want to live with me, I will understand and will not be offended, but if you want, let’s go ..

The girl went to the house, and the cat ran after her.

Even in the park, the cat realized that he was returning to his house, to his apartment. When Christina opened the doors of that particular apartment, the cat went into the corridor, lay down on the floor, tears flowed from his eyes.

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