The emaciated dog was crying from despair and hunger: the owner no longer needed him

The man noticed a dog on the street, which was so thin that it seemed that he would die from exhaustion any minute. The animal had not eaten anything for a long time, its stomach sunk down, and the skin tightly fitted the skeleton.

The man decided to help the animal and called Tina Soller, an animal rights activist. Hearing about the unfortunate dog, Tina immediately came to see him with her own eyes and decide what to do next.

Seeing the animal, Tina realized that it was a Spanish galgo, and after examining it, she concluded that she used to have a house. In Spain, representatives of hunting breeds often find themselves on the street.

Galgos are started to hunt hares, very often, after the end of the season, they remain on the street, because the owners no longer need them. Representatives of the breed show themselves best in hunting at the age of 8 months to 2 years. Older dogs are no longer able to catch fast hares, and hunters do not want to take care of animals that have become useless for them, and drive them out into the street.

British Tina moved to Spain after she learned about how the locals treat hunting dogs. In the new country, she opened a center for dogs, many of her charges are Spanish galgos.

Tina named this dog Matilda and took her to her center for help. The animal was afraid of people and even tried to bite its savior, so Tina put a muzzle on her. This was not the first time Tina helped animals and she knew that the dog’s aggression was not related to her character, but was only her attempt to protect herself from people. from which before she saw only cruelty.

“Matilda was crying, she seemed to be crying in pain. I encountered this for the first time, ”Tina recalls their first meeting.

Matilda was examined by a veterinarian, who did not reveal any diseases, only confirmed serious exhaustion.

Tina helped Matilda recover. When the situation returned to normal, and Tina found a family for her ward.

The zookeeper told the new owners that Matilda could be modest and shy, but it turned out that she quickly got used to the new house and showed her true character: courage, love of life and the ability to enjoy even the smallest things.

In the new house, the dog was named Dizi. She feels great, surrounded by love and care.

Spanish animal rights activists say that the country needs a law that would not allow such an attitude towards galgo on the part of a person.

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