No one has ever loved a dog, she did not feel cared for, she does not know what a family is

Businka never had a home, she was born on the streets of a big city and lived there for a year. Several million people lived in the city, but not one of them thought about helping the dog.

Sometimes Businka was fed scraps by construction workers, but most of the time she was hungry and spent her days and nights wandering the streets in search of food. No one paid attention to the stray dog, and if Bead was noticed, it was only to shout, throw a stone at her or drive her out of a warm place.

This attitude greatly affected the dog. She did not show aggression towards people, instead she considered herself guilty and was very shy. As soon as a person approached, the dog pressed his ears, trembled with fear, his eyes became lost. The bead did no harm to anyone, but she constantly felt guilty before people.

This dog never knew what it means to be loved, surrounded by care. She didn’t know what a family was. The bead is young, healthy, smart and kind, but every day she risks dying. She tortures herself and this, along with the dangers of the street, can be fatal for her. The bead needs to be saved, and for this she needs a person who will show her that she is worthy of love.

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