In Australia, found the world’s largest toad-record holder: its height and weight

In Australia, a huge toad was found in the rainforest. The rangers came across a huge amphibian and at first glance they did not believe that the toad was alive, considering it a dummy.

The toad turned out to be real, it was caught and weighed. It turned out that the rangers caught a record holder weighing 2.7 kg, which is many times higher than the standard weight of these amphibians.

By analogy with Godzilla, the toad was nicknamed Zhabazilla. The rangers decided to take her out of the wild and put her in a special container and took her out of the forest. Cane toads, which include the record holder, are not part of the Australian fauna, they were brought to the continent in the 30s of the last century. There are no natural enemies of these animals in Australia, so they began to multiply rapidly. Even crocodiles cannot cope with these toads due to their poisonousness.

The record-breaking toad was spotted by Kylie Gray. The woman works as a ranger and was just walking around her site. “I saw this for the first time. The toad was the size of a soccer ball, so we came up with a name for it – Jabozilla, ”Kylie told reporters.

The toad turned out to be a female, she was quickly caught and taken to the ranger camp. Measurements showed that Jabozilla weighs 2.7 kg. Rangers checked and it turned out that the previous weight record belongs to the tame toad Princen. The Swedish record holder pulled 2.65 kg, so now Jabozilla claims to be the new champion.

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