People left, but the dog could not. She became a mother for a tiny kitten

Kashtanka tried to find food, running around the courtyards of high-rise buildings. In some yards, people took pity on the stray dog, put bowls for her and began to leave food, in another yard, an old chair was taken out for her and she no longer had to sleep on the ground.

Soon Kashtanka had babies, but, unfortunately, none of them survived. The dog took the loss of her children hard, she went to run around the city, but to spend the night, as usual, she came to the yard she knew. The dog brought a small kitten to the chair, which she began to feed.

Outwardly, the kitten looked very small, less than a month old. The kid did not understand what was happening, the tone wanted to eat and was covered in mud. Kashtanka fed the baby, warmed and washed. The dog behaved like a real mother for a kitten.

Such affection surprised people, because they always considered these animals to be natural antagonists.

The unusual couple became famous and soon the animals had a home. Both Kashtanka and her baby were taken in by one family, deciding not to separate this touching couple.

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