Man takes home a pregnant street cat, and his dog began to show fatherly feelings

An American noticed a pregnant cat on the street. The animal seemed very cute to him, and he decided to help him and pick him up from the street. The color of the cat’s coat was inexpressive, similar to dirt, so the man called his new pet Earth. Unexpectedly for herself, the cat became domestic, and the man had a pet, and a few weeks later, seven kittens.

The new owner of the Earth was very fond of animals, a couple of dogs already lived in his house. One of the tailed pets reacted very unexpectedly to the appearance of kittens: the dog felt like the father of the kids.

The dog took care of the babies so that their mother would have time to relax. The dog plays with the kids, lets them crawl on it, washes and makes sure that they do not indulge.

The dog behaves very nicely, but the most amusing thing is how the dog gathers around the house and brings kittens to their mother’s couch, which scatter to explore the rooms. The dog gently takes the babies with his teeth and carries them to the Earth, and then makes sure that they do not stray too far from their mother. When the cat needs to rest, the dog carries the kittens to his owner, as if demanding that he also play with the kids.

The earth does not mind the fact that the dog helps her. She trusts her friend and does not worry about the kids while he is around, resting from her daily worries.

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