Grandmother saved the wolf cub, and a few years later he thanked her for her kindness

Grandmother lived in a small village. She had no relatives, no neighbors either, because only a dozen people remained in the whole village. Life with my grandmother was not easy, in winter the house had to be heated with firewood. All summer the pensioner went to the forest and collected firewood so as not to freeze in winter.

That day the woman also went to the forest. At a tree, she stopped and began to break off dry branches. While working, Grandma heard someone crying behind her. Following the sound, she saw a trap in which a wolf cub was stuck.

Grandmother released the paw of the animal from the trap and again went to collect firewood. The wolf cub did not run away, but went into the forest for his savior. The kid was limping, so when going home, the grandmother decided to take him with her.

At home, the pensioner treated the wolf cub’s wound and fed him. For two months the animal lived in the village house of its savior. The woman liked the wolf cub’s company, but she understood that his house was in the forest. When the baby was completely healthy, the grandmother took him back to the forest.

Two years have passed. In winter, the woman had to go to the forest to gather brushwood. Grandmother hoped that she would cope quickly and return home, but in the forest she became ill, she lost consciousness and collapsed on the snow.

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After a while, my grandmother woke up. Next to her was a dog and puppies, they sat very close, warming her with their warmth. When the woman’s eyes finally cleared up, she realized that not dogs, but wolves, were lying next to her. Grandmother screamed, but the animals just got up and went back into the forest. Only then did the woman notice that the adult animal was limping on one paw and realized that this was the same wolf cub she had helped. The predator did not forget what the woman did for him and helped her at a difficult moment.

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