This little creature was blind, she was starving, as he was alone and no one was helping him, he couldn’t find food

This little creature was blind, it was hungry, as it was alone and no one was helping it, it could not find food.

Passers-by passed by him and neglected him. This poor creature was abandoned because of her illness. His owners noticed that the puppy was blind and decided to throw him on the street.

Many people could have helped him, but no one did. The little puppy was completely alone and was in a very bad state. He was sitting on the street. The dog was found by a passerby who tried to cross the street to find the food.

When the little one was looking for something to eat, a man noticed him and started following him. The man saw that the puppy had lost his sight and he decided to feed him. The man called the puppy and fed him, then he took him home.

The next day he took him to the vet. The puppy was under medical supervision. Hopefully the puppy will recover and be adopted.

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