The unknown man dropped off a sick little dog at an animal clinic, which he rescued before retracing his steps

The unknown man dropped off a sick little dog in an animal clinic, which he saved before retracing his steps.

Thanks to this man the little puppy was saved. One day the man noticed a small creature and rushed to help him. The man sending the puppy without hesitation saved the little animal which was in a very bad state.

The unknown man discovered a tiny dog on the verge of death in Canada.  The veterinarian had the disease, the poor animal suffered from scabies, was abandoned and could not survive alone.

Of course, thanks to this man the dog’s life was saved. After some treatment the dog was successful and healed well. The little dog was already ready for adoption.

After taking them to the shelter, the staff shared some photos on social media to find a family to adopt the puppy. Soon the dog was lucky, he was noticed by a woman who adopted him and gave him lots of love.

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