Dogs are very loyal animals. Not forgetting their owners, they have been waiting for them for years

After the death of the owner, the dog settled on his grave. The relatives of the deceased tried several times to take the dog away, but he always found an opportunity to escape and return to his beloved owner. Realizing that they could not change the situation, people put a small house near the grave so that the dog could hide from the rain and sun, and also brought him food every day.

The hero of another story is a dog abandoned by its owner at the airport. The man did not care what happened to his pet, he just got on a plane and never returned. The dog met passengers leaving the airport for a long time, hoping to see a loved one among them, but he never returned. No one knows what happened to the devoted animal.

The monument was erected to a dog that spent seven years by the road, hoping to see a loved one again. The man died in an accident, but his pet did not come to terms with it. the dog waited on the side of the road and periodically ran out onto the road, each time hoping that he could see the owner.

Local residents fed the dog so that he would not die of hunger, and he did not leave his post in rain and heat for seven years.

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