The chicken adopted the kittens left without a mother: she warms them and takes care of them as if they were her own

For several days in a row, the farmer heard a quiet meow that was heard from the chicken coop. The man looked around the room several times, but did not find a cat or kittens there. As soon as a person appears in the chicken coop, the sound disappears, as if the kids stopped crying for fear of the person.













Finally Goran managed to find the source of the sound. The kittens were hiding in a very unusual place: under the wings of a white chicken.

The man was convinced that the chicken was incubating eggs, but when he decided to check, it turned out that the hen was warming three kittens.

Most likely, the kittens ended up next to the chicken by accident, perhaps the kids secretly made their way into the chicken coop to keep warm or just satisfy their curiosity.

The chicken took pity on the kids and decided to warm them up. The bird will not be able to feed its adopted children, the farmer took on this task, but she continues to warm the kids.

The farmer moved the unusual family from the chicken coop to a separate room so that the rest of the birds would not interfere with the kittens from the new mother. Nobody knows what happened to the mother of the kids.

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