He spent all his life on a chain without shelter: under the rain, snow, and from food — a potato skin

This dog has spent many years on a chain. Those who chained him did not set up a booth nearby or make at least some kind of shelter from the weather. In heat and cold, during rains and strong winds, the animal was outside. The dog was never walked, and all she ate was potato peelings and bones, carefully cleaned of meat. When the Baron saw sour soup in his bowl, he considered himself a real lucky man. The dog ate quickly, believing that if he did not have time, even this food could be taken away from him.

The neighbors of his master told us about the Baron. The man was gone, and the neighbors did not know what to do with the dog. Volunteers came to pick up the Baron, but realizing that the dog might not react negatively to the move, she was temporarily put to sleep.

Baron’s adaptation did not take place quickly, but he soon learned to go for walks. It turned out that, having spent his whole life on a chain, the dog did not even know how to run, only to walk in a circle.

The Baron had to learn what other dogs can almost from birth, but he turned out to be a good student. According to the neighbors, the Baron is already 10 years old, so he needs a family to make sure that his old age is better than his old life. The change of conditions instilled genuine joy in the dog, it seems that he is experiencing a second youth.

In the shelter, Baron has changed, he no longer suffers from constant cold, he was able to raise his head and began to move quickly, because he is not restrained by a metal chain. The dog turned out to be affectionate, he shows his gratitude to the people who care about him in every possible way.

The Baron can now run and play with toys. For now, he lives in foster care and is already very happy with the new conditions, but I want to believe that he will have time to learn what it means to be a pet in a family that loves you.

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