When the dog was taken to a new home, Rex ran after the car and cried

Approaching Rex’s booth, I saw that he settled down on the ground. Lada was inside, only when I appeared she did not come out, as she usually did. I guessed something happened to the dog. My guess was confirmed – Lada was bitten by a tick.

Rex let his sick friend into the booth, and he lay on the street so that she had more space. Rex made sure no one bothered Lada. The dog was so worried about his girlfriend that he refused to eat.

Lada was immediately taken to the veterinarian. The doctor took care of her and did not even charge for his care.

We received instructions from the veterinarian to carefully monitor Lada’s health. Several times a day it was required to check the condition of the dog. I couldn’t go to their booth with Rex so often, so I took the dog with me for the duration of the treatment.

Lada quickly found a common language with my other wards. The dog was polite, listened to my requests and was friendly to the child. Lada did not spoil the furniture and always waited for a walk. The dog turned out to be so good that we thought about keeping it, but there was one difficulty …

Rex no longer appeared in his booth, now he lived under our windows. Every day he waited for our appearance with Lada to take a walk together. I felt sorry for the dog, I didn’t know what to do, but the neighbors had already begun to actively send Rex out of the yard. I was very worried that this story would not end badly for Rex. Quite unexpectedly, a call came from a man who wanted to pick up Lada. My interlocutor said that he lives in his house, he has a large yard, Lada will have a place for walking.

The man aroused my confidence, I understood. That Lada will be fine with him. When the girl got into the car to go to a new life, I held Rex. The dog whined and cried, not imagining how he would continue to live without a girlfriend who was always there.

When the car pulled away and I loosened my grip, Rex broke free and ran after the car. I decided to try my luck and called the man who took the Lada. When I told about what had happened, he thought for a few minutes, and then said that he had enough space and strength for two pets.

Very soon the car was already taking away Rex, who was on his way to meet Lada. The reunion of the couple was unusually touching.

Now inseparable friends live together in a new house. They have a large yard at their disposal, but they, as before, prefer to sleep in the same booth, it’s warmer and more familiar.

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