Poor pet cries in sadness and refuses to eat after being sent away just days after being adopted

The poor pet is crying in sadness and refusing to eat after being sent away just days after being adopted.

The story of this dog named Paco touched everyone. The story is about human selfishness. The life of this poor animal was full of difficulties. He lived a very bad life. The poor animal was desperate.

The dog was barely a year old. The four-legged animal left the kennel where he had been living for a few months, after a family decided to adopt him. Finding a home is a dream for all stray and abandoned animals.

But after a few months of adoption the dog was again refused, and unfortunately his story turned into a nightmare. The situation had left him discouraged and depressed.

The dog started refusing to eat and he lost weight. He was exhausted. The poor animal did not understand the cause of his condition. Because of his life the dog was very fearful.

After a few months, he started playing with his friends, but he didn’t seem to be in the mood anymore. The shelter staff began looking for a forever home. Hopefully the dog will find his forever home.

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