L’adorable chien fidèle attendait son propriétaire devant l’hôpital pendant quelques jours, mais l’animal dévoué ne savait pas que son propriétaire était décédé

The adorable, loyal dog waited for his owner outside the hospital for a few days, but the devoted animal didn’t know his owner had passed away.

The dog loves who was bonded with its owner, did not want to part. The loyalty of dogs is unconditional. Dogs know how to wait. Animals also have dreams, but sometimes his dreams do not come true.

This adorable devoted animal had a best friend. Near the hospital door the lying dog was waiting for its owner. He was very sad and refused to leave the territory. He had a name Richard.

Unfortunately his best friend left the world and his beloved dog was left alone. Seeing the dog, the hospital worker began looking for a home for the dog.

There was a couple there who decided to improve the condition of the dog, since the furry animal had no one to take care of him. The poor animal had been waiting for its owner for three days, but it had died.

After a few days the dog went and started roaming the streets. According to neighbors the dog was last seen in a restaurant.

Fortunately the dog was lucky and he met his new owners. The new owners fed him and took him to the vet who found the dog to be in good condition.

The new owners adopted the dog and gave him lots of love and warmth.

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