Husky lay at the bus stop for a week, needing help, and people just took pictures of her and moved on

I received dozens of messages about this dog. In all the messages I was asked to pick him up from the street and take him to the veterinarian, everyone was worried and could not understand how the husky ended up on the street, but no one wanted to take responsibility for the dog.

The dog was in another city, it took me two hours to get there, despite the fact that I had to leave urgently. Practice has shown that even after a couple of minutes it is already difficult to find the dog where it was, and in a few hours the dog can run quite far.

In the spring, dogs often get sick, ticks cling to them. Huskies were seen by the road, so the risks that something would happen in a couple of hours became higher. The people who wrote to me about the dog didn’t even want to come up and check if she was really sleeping or not getting up for other reasons. The drivers slowed down, took photos and drove on, believing that if they told me, they did everything they could.

To catch the dog I needed the help of friends. For two days we tried to catch a husky, only Katya succeeded, who, in order to help us, took time off from work.

As it turned out later, the dog often goes on a walk. The owners have already returned it, but they did nothing to prevent the situation from happening again. The owners did not care that their pet could jump out under the wheels of a car or become a victim of capture. The young and handsome dog continued to run through the streets alone.

While the dog is undergoing examinations and preparing for treatment from ticks.

We reported our find to the police, but the dog does not have a chip and a brand, which means that if the owners want to return it, they will have to prove that it is their dog.

Husky we gave the name Den. For a few days that he was with us, the owners did not let us know about themselves. Probably, people no longer need it, and therefore they do not intend to take it away.

The day will have one more visit to the vet, after which he will go to overexposure. For now, we’re not sure how to proceed. For some time we are thinking of waiting for the owners, but if they continue to remain indifferent to the fate of the pet, we will start looking for a home for the husky. The dog is smart, sociable, gets along with other animals. We hope his life will be much better now.

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