How a guy managed to save three little cats because of his love for hot coffee

Kendal Divish lives in Canada and loves coffee. In the morning, before leaving for work, he stops at a gas station to buy a cup of hot coffee. A man considers every trip to work a small trip. Kendal is an oilman and his commute to work is quite long, and before each shift he really has to overcome the distance that many travel only when they go on a trip.

Winters in Canada are very cold. On such a cold day, Kendal drove to work, popping in as usual for a cup of coffee on the way. The road was deserted, so the man was very surprised when he noticed dark spots on the side of the road. The spots stood out very well against the white snow. The man decided to stop and see what lies by the road. Coming closer, he realized that in front of him were small kittens that could not move because they were frozen in the snow.

The man noticed that the kids were breathing and decided to take them to the car to warm them up, only the animal hair was frozen in the snow and it was impossible to lift them from the roadside. Kendal remembered that he had a glass of hot coffee in the car. The drink managed to melt the ice and soon the three kids were warming themselves in the cabin.

Kendal called his boss and warned that he would not come to work. The man took the kittens to his house, they warmed up, after which they were washed and treated for parasites. For some time, the kittens stayed with their savior, but because of work, Kendal is often not at home for several days, so he could not leave the kids for himself.

The man began to look for his ward family. Soon there were people who decided to take all three kittens.

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