Blind dog came to people in a private house and asked for help

The dog came to a girl living in a private house. The dog did not see anything, was hungry and tired, so she went into a strange yard, clearly hoping for help. The owner of the house realized that the dog does not live in this area.

The animal was wearing a collar, which suggested that the dog in the area was abandoned by his owners, taking the animal away from home.

“I immediately thought that a fox looked in on me, it is very similar in size and color of fur. It turned out to be a dog. And his unusual behavior was due to the fact that he was blind. It’s hard to believe that someone took and threw away a helpless animal,” says the owner of the house. The girl fed the dog, but could not leave it, so she contacted the volunteers.

Volunteers took the dog to the shelter, it was examined by a veterinarian and prescribed vitamins and enhanced nutrition. Now they are trying to find a family for a friendly red dog.

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