When the man opened the door to the courier, something quickly ran inside the house.

A man ordered a purchase in an online store. On the day of delivery, a courier arrived at his house. The guy heard the bell and went to the door, but as soon as he opened it, someone ran past the surprised courier and the owner of the house himself, just into the house. The men did not even understand what had happened. Having signed for the receipt of the purchase, the owner of the house closed the door, but instead of unpacking the box, he began to search for an unknown person who had cleverly entered his home.

An uninvited guest was found in the kitchen, it turned out to be a cat of a smoky color. The animal was not at all embarrassed by the owner of the house and lay down on the floor as if it had always lived here. The guy was puzzled by the current situation, but after a couple of minutes of “peeping” he realized that the cat had already made a decision for him and would now live in his house.

Resigned to the fact that he now has a cat, the guy took the animal to the vet. The newly-made owner of the animal could not even think that the doctor would surprise him with the news that very soon his cat would become a mother. The man was confused. A few hours ago, he did not even think about getting a pet, but now it turned out that he had to take care not only of the cat, but also of her babies.

Finding no way to solve the problem, the guy took the cat and together they went home. Soon seven tiny kittens appeared in the house. As soon as the kids began to walk on their own, they occupied the whole house, climbing not only on the bed and sofa, but even in the sink. Things fell from tables and shelves, often breaking and breaking. The owner of the animals endured such behavior of the kids, because he fell in love with them at first sight.

Soon the kittens became independent and the guy found new owners for them. The cat stayed with him, they get along well, although sometimes the man misses the noisy, but so cute kids.

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