The little sly chihuahua curbed the Labrador and now often rides on it

The kid who was able to show incredible ingenuity is called Tim, and his Labrador friend is Ben. The dogs have always been on very good terms. And recently, Tim even climbed on Ben’s back, learning to ride him.

Their owner has no favorites among her pets, but Tim always thought that he was less loved because he is so small and inconspicuous. It was for this reason that he first climbed on Ben. Gradually it became a habit.

Ben appeared in this house a long time ago, he is already about ten years old. He has always been a very calm and kind dog, not reacting in any way to Tim’s antics, treating them with understanding and patience.

Tim, on the other hand, very quickly realized that you can save a lot of energy if you ride. Finally, he stopped getting tired so quickly because of walking!

And even later, he guessed that if you go swimming, sitting on top of Ben, you can avoid the unpleasant sensation of wet paws.

The owner took Tim in much later than Ben. At first it was only overexposure, but in the end the dog stayed to live in this house. Tim got along with Ben very quickly.

Now the chihuahua often sleeps on the back of his friend, and then rides him to the bowls. He really likes to be at such a height, because from it the world looks completely different. For example, you can calmly examine everything that lies on the table. It was impossible for Tim before.

Two amazing buddies have an Instagram page where all fans can follow their lives. There are a lot of subscribers there.

The owner claims that Ben has always been the kindest dog in the world, and Tim is a lover of attracting attention. And so it turned out that they became such a harmonious union.

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