The family bought a house and found in it a note-instruction from the old owners “How to behave with a cat”

Miranda and her extended family bought a house. Everyone was very happy with the move. When the new owners entered the house for the first time, they noticed that there was a note on the table. As it turned out, the piece of paper contained instructions on how to handle an elderly cat living near their new home.

Instructions were written by the previous owners of the house. The text said that for 10 years a cat has been regularly appearing at the house. The animal is afraid of people, but with pleasure eats the treats left for it. People tried several times to catch the cat, but he always ran away, reacting even to the slightest attempt to approach him.

People abandoned attempts to take the animal into the house, but continued to feed the cat regularly for ten years. In the notes of the new owners of the house, they asked to feed the animal, because it is already accustomed to coming to this yard for food. The new owners were described in detail where the cat’s bowl should be and what treats to leave for him.

Miranda’s family loved cats, they had 5 of them, almost all of them were taken from the street. People decided that they would follow the instructions left to them and feed the cat. After reading the note, the family noticed that the same cat was sitting on the street by the window and carefully examining them. The cat must have come to see the newcomers. The family behaved quietly so as not to frighten off their new ward.

Having carefully examined all the members of the family, the cat left. People found his bowl, filled it with food and put it in the place that was indicated in the note. Soon the cat returned and with pleasure tasted the treat left for him, and then ran away again.

Miranda decided that she would try to tame the cat and take him into the house. It took a long time to implement her plan. At first, the cat ran away as soon as he saw the girl, then he allowed her to come closer and watch him eat, keeping a decent distance. The girl continues to tame the cat and is sure that after a while she will be able to take him into the house and give him old age in warmth and care.

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