The dog spent the second night on the snow near a warm booth. The owner did not know that the dog had ceded the booth to the pregnant cat

=Caesar lived in a very nice booth. It was not made of plywood, but of real strong wooden planks. Andrey, the owner of the dog, also took care of insulating the home of his pet.

This house was something to be proud of. Andrew has never done anything more complicated than nailing shelves to walls. Therefore, the booth turned out to be a real achievement for him.

“In such a booth, even a person would be comfortable in winter,” Andrey sometimes said.

Without a doubt, Caesar lived well in his booth when the cold came. He always sat in the house, not trying to once again go outside. His presence could be guessed only by the nose sticking out of the booth.

That is why Andrei was so surprised when he saw his dog sleeping in the snow. Caesar immediately got to his feet, pretending not to sleep. But he failed to deceive his master. The dog looked very sleepy, as if he had spent the whole night near the booth.

“You can catch a cold,” Andrey was horrified. – I won’t see it again!

Caesar looked at the owner as if he understood what he had said to him. Andrew calmed down. But the next night the dog again spent in the yard, never going to sleep in the booth.

Andrei could not understand what was happening. In the morning, after giving Caesar a bowl of food, he looked into the house, trying to see what it was that frightened his dog. There was a cat with two kittens in the booth. The animal looked at the man with hostility, but did not even move.

Taking a risk, Andrei moved the cat and her children to his veranda. The kennel is certainly warm, but the kittens are too small for that to be enough. Besides, Caesar would not have been able to sleep forever in the snow without harm to his health.

The cat reacted very badly to the human initiative. She hissed at Andrei and even tried to scratch him. But he didn’t back down. When he put the cat on the mattress, she immediately calmed down and began to lick the kittens. She allowed Andrei to give her food, but did not allow him to come close to her to stroke.

Caesar was very concerned about everything that was happening. He ran around the owner, not taking his eyes off the cat. I even had to let the dog onto the veranda, because without this, Caesar refused to believe that everything was in order with his girlfriend. Convinced that no one had harmed her, he calmed down.

One of the kittens went to live with new owners, while the second Andrey kept for himself. Mother never got used to living in the house, having gone outside. Only occasionally did she come to visit her child and an old friend who saved her from death in the cold.

Caesar turned out to be a very good educator for the kitten. The kid literally settled in the booth next to him. Apparently, it has become a real home for him.

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