The dog could not believe such happiness, because for the first time he spends the night in warmth

In the warm season, street dogs did not live badly. The whole day you can run anywhere, and if you get tired, or the sun is very hot, then you can hide in the shade. Yes, and plenty of food. What can not be said about the cold season, that is, winter. Such thoughts swarmed in the head of a stray dog when he went to bed at the bus stop. At this time, public transport was no longer running, passers-by were passing by. The stop was not the worst place to spend the night, because there was a roof.

It was a real rainy autumn outside. The dog remembered that autumn would be replaced by a snowy winter. He managed to winter the last two winters, but it is impossible to predict what will happen this year.

The dog did not have a nickname, like all stray animals, in principle.

The day was getting shorter. People approached the stop when it was just beginning to get light. Nobody paid attention to the dog, everyone had their own problems. He had long been accustomed to the sound of human shoes, so he did not immediately notice how two young people were looking at him. He did not even have time to react, as he ended up in someone’s car. His attempts to escape were unsuccessful.

That day passed for the dog in a blur. A man pops up in his memory, who examines him and prescribes some medicines, then he saw a place where there are many dogs like him.

But he remembered well that he did not spend the night on the street. The rain on the street no longer caused such inconvenience. The dog was fed deliciously, and in his aviary lay clean and dry straw.

The dog wrapped himself comfortably in the bedding.

He dreamed of only one thing, to stay in this warm and cozy place, at least until the end of winter.

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