The dog at the station did not understand why the owner had tears in his eyes. The train started, the dog ran after him

Knox was frightened when they put him in the car. This usually meant a trip to the doctor. And this is always unpleasant: injections, touches of strangers and other nasty things.

The dog decided to stay closer to his master, Sergei. Knox always considered him the most beautiful person in the world, because Sergey once, as a child, took home a small puppy and has always remained with him since then. Sometimes Knox was even taken on dates, because if the owner stayed somewhere for a long time, the dog was worried and molested Sergey’s parents to do something so that he would return home.

One day Sergei’s class went on an excursion for three days. Knox then could not find a place for himself. He almost stopped eating and did not leave the door. Of course, in the end, Sergei returned. This made the dog incredibly happy, he had never felt so good.

Their lives were almost perfect for many years. Sergei completed his studies at school, it’s time to choose a university. The guy decided that he wanted to enter another city. The specialty that he liked was only at a university far from home.

Now Knox was driving in a car with Sergei and his parents. The owner affectionately stroked the dog, trying to calm him down, assured that they were not going to any doctor. Their path lay on the station. Knox did not know about this and what awaited him there.

A huge shock awaited him.

The dog behaved very frightened when they arrived at the place, warily looked at the surrounding people. It was the first time he saw the station, so now I can’t calm down. Knox clung to Sergei’s legs, begging him to protect him. He has always been a rather cowardly dog.

Sergei’s family behaved somehow unusually. Sergei’s mother was crying, and Sergei looked nervous, he was discussing something with his parents. Then the owner stroked Knox. He leaned into his hand, begging for more.

And then a terrible thing happened. Sergei waved and went inside the strange metal box in front of them, after which it moved and drove away. Knox completely panicked. He jerked forcefully out of the hands of Sergei’s mother, she even released the leash.

Knox ran after the train along the platform, dreaming only of catching up with him. But he lacked the speed to do so. The train was going much faster.

The dog was caught near the fence. He stopped running, froze in place and looked at the train in confusion. The hostess thought that Knox was crying.

“Seryozha will return,” she said, trying to console the sad dog. “We just have to wait. A little time will pass, there will be holidays. Will come to visit. Everything is good.

The owner grabbed the leash and led Knox back to the parked car. The dog kept turning around, as if he did not believe what had happened. He was as sad as ever…

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